The Hidden Dangers of Unfiltered Water

When it comes to trying to keep employees healthy in the office, so they can come to work and be productive, businesses have gone to great links to make their offices safe and healthy. One of the best ways to do that is by giving your employees access to filtered drinking water in Los Angeles. If you aren’t sure how filtered drinking water can help your employees stay healthy, read on below for some of the hidden dangers of drinking unfiltered water to be revealed.

Dirty Pipes
Even though water treatments are done on water before it ever gets to the sink in your office, it can pick up all kinds of germs, bacteria, and containments coming through the pipes in your building. It could pick up tons of gunk before it ever even gets to your building that could make you and your employees sick from drinking it.

You know the stuff that you put in your pool to keep it clean and algae free? Well, chlorine is in your drinking water as well, if it is unfiltered. That’s why your tap water has a funny, bitter taste when you drink it. However, if you choose to have a good water system that water will be filtered and you no longer have to worry about the chlorine taste or the effects it could have on you and your employees in the long run. Isn’t it better to give your employees filtered drinking water than to have them sick and unproductive all the time?

These are just a couple of the hidden dangers of unfiltered water, there are many more. For more information on filtered drinking water in Los Angeles and to order your dispenser today, contact the professionals at Advanced Pure Water Solutions for help.

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