The Dangers Of Doing Your Own Snow Removal in Neenah

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Home Improvement


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Is it wise for people to do their own snow removal in Neenah? At least 100 Americans die each year attempting to do their own snow removal. A lot more are hospitalized due to complications from removing snow. There are quite a few reasons why people should seriously consider outsourcing their snow removal to a contractor in the area. People don’t know how their bodies will react to the rigors of snow removal. There have been instances where people who appeared perfectly healthy had heart attacks while shoveling snow.

There are several benefits to hiring a contractor to remove snow. People can avoid broken bones, injured ligaments and tendons, and heart attacks related to snow removal. Even if a person warms up and stretches before shoveling snow, strains and sprains can still happen. Slipping and falling on ice is a real possibility no matter how careful a person is. If the weather is extremely cold, there is always the threat of frostbite. Since people tend to leave their doors unlocked while removing snow, criminals have been known to burglarize homes while people are shoveling snow. Time can also be saved by outsourcing snow removal.

For those who insist on shoveling snow, it’s important for them to know how healthy their hearts are. There are tests that doctors can perform to let people know if they have any heart defects. These defects usually aren’t detected during regular physicals. It’s also wise to warm up and stretch for at least 10 minutes before engaging in snow removal. Buying a snow plow can greatly reduce any risks associated with snow removal. Also, checking the weather forecast is wise. It’s possible the snow might melt in a day or two.

For those who want to hire a contractor for snow removal, Visit Motto and Sons Construction or the website of another contractor who specializes in Snow Removal in Neenah. Contractors will usually come out when snowfall exceeds a certain amount of inches. Contracts can be negotiated if people have different needs for snow removal. Some contractors will just remove the snow and won’t put down any salt. It’s important for customers to know if putting down salt costs extra. Salting driveways and walkways can prevent accidents from happening.

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