The Best Sinkhole Repair Methods

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Home Improvement


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If you have recently removed a tree stump in your backyard or some other occurrence has caused a sinkhole to form in your yard, you may have a serious problem. While there are several ways in which to repair these sinkholes yourself, it is best that you contact a professional service that specializes in sinkhole remediation in Tallahassee. This is important, especially if the sinkhole is large, and you are not physically able to take care of the issue. Here are some of the best sinkhole repair methods to choose from.

Small Sinkholes

A sinkhole is typically caused by water inside of the ground that causes the subsurface rock to erode which in turn causes the ground to sink. The size of these sinkholes can vary from 3 to 300 feet wide. Sometimes sinkholes are caused when homeowners fill an area of their yard with trash or debris which the ground is unable to hold. Typically sinkholes that are found in backyards are small to medium in size.

The method that you use to fill your sinkhole depends on the overall size and shape of the hole. If the sinkhole is small and has a firm ground underneath it, you can repair this by simply replacing the missing dirt and ground cover, which will be enough to repair the damage. Before you begin making any repairs to your property, you must first measure the sinkhole to help you determine how much soil you will need to fill the hole.

Large Sinkholes

In some instances, you will find large sinkholes that need to be repaired. In this instance, you will need to call a professional to have them come and assess the damage. This is not something that you will want to take on yourself. It can be very dangerous and should be handled by someone who has experience filling large sinkholes.

The bottom of the sinkhole will first need to be layered with large stones and then small stones on top of them. Synthetic construction fabric will most likely be used and will help to prevent layers of dirt and sand from being swept away by water.


While it is possible to fix a sinkhole on your own, the best solution would be to contact our team at We will be able to provide you with an estimate and also save you a lot of time in the process.

If you are in need of sinkhole remediation in Tallahassee, then the team at Ram Jack Solid Foundations can help. Visit to find out more.

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