The Benefits of a Temperature Zoning System

by | May 22, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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If you find that your HVAC system isn’t consistently maintaining desired temperatures in different rooms of your house, then you might want to look into installing a Temperature Zoning System. Most homes are controlled by a single thermostat. That’s like controlling all the lights in your house with a single light switch. You don’t do that, so why do it with temperature control?

What is zoning?

Traditional HVAC systems that are put into homes use a single thermostat to regulate temperatures for the entirety of the house. This is counterintuitive since the only place in the house that the temperature will exactly match the thermostat reading is right at the thermostat. Basic heat transfer knowledge and just a little common sense gives you the knowledge that heat will rise and cold will take its place. Different rooms of a house are affected by different climate conditions. Upper floors are warmer while lower floors are colder. Rooms that get sunlight in the evening will remain hotter through the night. Less insulated rooms will not retain heat as well.

A zoning system splits your house into different zones. Every home has at least two zones — a living area and a sleeping area. You may also define upstairs and downstairs zones along with a zone of rooms that are used a lot and rooms that are not. A zoning system lets you pick the zones and a thermostat is put in every zone. Dampers are put into the ductwork to regulate the temperature in each zone based on the thermostat for that zone. Most systems come with a portable remote control system that you can carry with you and control each zone from anywhere in the house.

What are the benefits of zoning?

A multi-zone temperature control system will result in much great efficiency in your heating and cooling. Conservative estimates put the savings in just your electrical bills at hundreds of dollars per year. Then you have the benefit of comfort. For example, a person who hates a warmer room at night will be able to sleep in a cooler one and vice versa. You can customize the temperature in every zone to get it just right. That simply isn’t the case with traditional one-thermostat HVAC systems.

If you think a Temperature Zoning System would be right for you, contact a qualified HVAC specialist in your area to get more information.

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