Siding in Northern Virginia – Materials Applied

by | Oct 15, 2012 | Home Improvement


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Siding materials have a different variety, which are laid according to design, area, style, climate and choice of the building owner. These materials include, steel, aluminum, vinyl, fiber cement, stucco, redwood, stone, rock, composite, bricks, and tiles etc. Siding materials used in Northern Virginia have both advantages, and disadvantages, so they are selected accordingly. Some of the types are described here, so that the readers get some knowledge.


It includes aluminum and steel, of which only corrugated aluminum is mostly in practice, as steel is not common. Aluminum is used mostly for shops, or garages, moreover barn walls can also be cladded with this material. Metal heats up easily, so it’s used in cold climates, moreover it can easily get damaged due to dents, and rust can appear on steel siding decreasing its life. It is very economical, so those having low budget prefer this material. As the material is porous, so it may catch moisture if it’s not well painted.

Fiber cement

This is developed using cement and fiber after compacting various layers. Its construction is hard compared to other materials, because it is very heavy. As concrete is one of its elements so it can easily resist fire, which has made it common. Most of this material comes as painted, or available with a primer which needs painting. The material is available in the form of shake, shingle, or laps.


Though, other materials are also used for siding in Northern Virginia, but vinyl being the cheapest is very common. The material is already finished, so painting is not needed; hence maintenance will never be an issue. Another quality is that it’s long lasting, and experts say that it can last for 50 years. But, it should be installed by a professional, as otherwise it will ruin the building appearance, moreover its color cannot be changed.


This is expensive than the rest of the materials, and it’s already finished in paint or polish, showing off its natural grains. Beach houses are mostly done in this material, as it repels salt.


This resembles cedar, and comes in the form of shingles, but there is no color choice. Besides, its maintenance cost is also more than other siding materials being used.


It resembles concrete, whereas the composition includes cement, lime and sand. The material is applied in a wet form. It’s also very common, as it’s cheap, but it can be good for dry areas, because humid areas can damage it. It is categorized as synthetic, real, and insulation stucco.


This is comprised of wood, and comes in various forms including shingles or shakes etc. It’s cheap, but prone to rot, and molds, destroying the structure.


They are mostly common in hilly areas, but can be used in other climates. Mostly, they are used in combination of other materials, as tiles or stucco, or even fiber cement. They are long lasting because less maintenance is required. Some of its types are very economical, as sand blast, whereas slate is expensive. An expert in Northern Virginia can guide you regarding siding materials.



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