Recent Survey Results Tell Heating Contractors What Customers Want Most

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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A survey published in 2015 identified five aspects of heating and cooling equipment that homeowners find to be most important. Surveys like this help heating contractors know what their customers are most concerned with when planning to have new equipment installed. The details also help contractors identify any changes in previous trends.

The price of the new equipment obviously is a major concern. However, homeowners can’t skimp on the capacity of a furnace or air conditioner, or they won’t get desired results. It’s always best to plan ahead for buying new heating and cooling equipment so that making the purchase isn’t an emergency situation. Licensed technicians generally can tell when a furnace or central air conditioner is getting close to the end of its usefulness. With furnaces, continuing to delay needed replacement can become a health hazard because of carbon monoxide risks.

Homeowners want the appliances to be able to get the house to the desired temperature and keep it there. This is the importance of not choosing something that can’t handle the square footage of the home or the shape of the house. For instance, a very long house with a furnace and thermostat at one end can result in the far end of the house being chilly. In addition to getting a furnace with the right capacity from heating contractors, the homeowner may want to look into having a zoning system installed or extra duct work to accommodate the far end of the house. The climate in the Portland area is relatively mild, so residents aren’t often dealing with exceptionally hot or cold days. Nevertheless, when that type of weather does occur, they want to know their house will be comfortable.

Another feature homeowners want in a furnace, and air conditioner is utility bills that don’t break the bank. That involves the aspect of efficiency and using less energy to achieve optimum results. The most efficient systems tend to cost a bit more upfront, but they can provide substantial savings over many years of use.

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