How To Measure Windows For Curtains

Curtains help to make a home look beautiful, provide privacy and protect against cold and heat. However, you have to measure your windows or other areas you plan to place them (a doorway for instance) if you want them to hang correctly. Here are some directions for measuring your window areas for various types of popular curtain styles.

Measure Window for Traditional Style Curtains

If you want the classic look on your windows, then they should be hung about six inches above the window frame, as well as three inches out from the sides and three inches below the bottom of the window frame.

So, to be able to accomplish this look, you must measure the window’s height (don’t forget the window frame) and add on nine inches. After that, measure how wide the window is, and be sure to buy curtains that are at least one and a half times wider than your window for the best look. You want a nice full look with the curtains ‘ruffled,’ otherwise it may appear as though you simply hung a sheet up.

Measure Window for Contemporary Style

If you want a contemporary look and feel, then you should hang the curtains so they barely touch your floor. So, measure an inch from the floor to right above the top of the window frame where the curtain rod will go. Be sure to measure the window width and buy curtains that are between one and a half and three inches wider.

Measure Window for Luxurious Style

If you want your curtains to have what is a distinctly luxurious look, hang them close to your ceiling and let them puddle onto the floor. Sheer ones look great for this style because heavier ones are too stiff to pull it off. In order for them to puddle on the floor, make them eight to 10 inches longer than the height of the floor to the ceiling, and make the width at least three inches longer than the width of the window as well. You can visit Blinds & Designs for more information. You can also follow them on Google+.

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