Hiring the Right HVAC Contractors

With the weather changing and temperatures rising, it’s important that you have a dependable HVAC unit ready to cool your home, office or commercial building. Units that are too large or small for your space can end up costing more in energy costs than you should be paying. Always be sure to find an HVAC contractor that can offer advice and answer your questions, especially if you feel the current unit you have is not going to cut it this summer.

Experience With Large Units

When searching for the right contractor, always be sure they have experience handling and installing large HVAC units. Even the smaller looking units at the side of homes can weigh quite a large amount and require specific handling methods. If you are looking to have commercial units installed, be sure the contractors you are considering having experience with large units. Otherwise, they may not fully understand safe handling practices or could misplace the unit on your roof creating structural damages.

Various Brands

HVAC units come in a variety of brands and model types. You can find units that are suitable for smaller single-family homes or those that can work in unison with multiple other units for providing climate control in warehouses and department stores. Some brands are well known while others can be a bit more obscure. Whether you know exactly which brand you will go with, or need a bit of advice on which is best for your needs and budget, all HVAC units are basically installed and maintained in the same ways. You may be qualified enough to perform regular maintenance on your own, or you could prefer to let the professionals handle it. In the end, the HVAC contractors you hire should be well versed in providing maintenance on a variety of brands and models.

Safety Practices

HVAC units are large and can be extremely heavy. Add to this the fact that they are often lifted by cranes to be placed on the roof of buildings and you have a potential recipe for serious injuries and building damages. Safety practices should be in place and taken extremely seriously by any HVAC contractors in Jacksonville area that you work with. Not only can their employees be injured or even worse, but your buildings and inventory can be damaged or destroyed. If you see something on the job that looks dangerous, do not hesitate to voice your concerns and ensure it is being performed properly or immediately addressed by the foreman of the installation. Your verbal concern can help keep everyone involved safe.

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