For a Bee Infestation, Contact a Pest Control Company in Puyallup, WA

Bees are vital to the production of foods and other plants. Without bees, the amount of pollen that’s spread to create the fruits and vegetables will drop dramatically and mean a much-reduced crop for many farmers. Despite how important bees are in the food chain, most people don’t want bees around their homes. They risk being stung and possibly having a life-threatening emergency if they’re allergic. To get rid of the bees, they’ll want to contact a pest control company in Puyallup WA.

Since bees are important for the ecosystem, a pest control company isn’t going to simply exterminate them like they would most pests. Instead, they’ll carefully remove the hive and all of the bees. The hive is then relocated to a place where it won’t bother people and the bees can continue to do their work. This means the bees can continue to spread pollen and help produce foods but won’t be where they can potentially injure another person.

Some bees are Africanized and will not be able to be relocated. These bees are extremely dangerous, more so than the average bee. If the pest control company detects Africanized bees, they’ll need to don protective gear and exterminate the colony. Africanized bees are more aggressive than regular bees and tend to be larger. If the person is not sure what kind of bees they have, the pest control company will be able to tell easily. Then, they’ll use the correct method to get rid of all the bees around the home so the homeowner is once again safe.

Though there is a risk with bees around a home, they are an essential part of the food chain. Anyone who has seen bees around their home can contact a pest control company in Puyallup Wa, to have the bees removed. If the bees are not Africanized, the company will simply relocate the bees so they can continue to spread pollen. They may even be relocated to a farm where they can help the fruit and vegetables grow and their honey can be collected. If you’re noticing quite a few bees around your home, let a pest control company take them to their new home.

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