Five Common Questions Answered by Sewer Cleaning Baltimore Professionals

Five Common Questions Answered by Sewer Cleaning Baltimore Professionals

The sewer is one of the main parts of you house. If it’s not working properly, you’re going to know it. Sewer gases can back up and cause a horrendous smell or they can even ignite and cause damage or injury. Here are some common questions about sewers with answers from sewer cleaning Baltimore professionals.

What should I do if my sewer line is frozen?
There are some cases when a sewer line will actually freeze and stop functioning. However, you shouldn’t leave a frozen sewer line unaddressed because it could cause other problems and damages. If your sewer line is frozen, the best thing to do is to call your sewer cleaning Baltimore experts. They have the tools and equipment to shoot hot water into the line and unfreeze it.

Why does my sewer line have a trap on it?
A sewer trap is a very important part of the system. When houses were built decades ago, the sewer traps were installed so rodents couldn’t climb into the home through the opening in the pipe. These days, that’s not a major issue. However, the trap on more modern sewer lines does help keep the odor from the system from entering the home.

Can I use chemical drain cleaners to unclog my sewer line?
No. While chemical drain cleaners often work, they are very dangerous to humans, pets and your pipelines. These cleaners have harsh chemicals in them that can cause respiratory problems, damage to the tissues in the body, blindness, poisoning and much more. Instead of taking a chance with these types of cleaners, contact your sewer cleaning Baltimore professionals. They will use a responsible and safe method for unclogging your sewer pipe that’s even better than those cleaners from the store will do.

Can I install a new sewer line?
If you have permission from your local jurisdiction, you should be able to install a new sewer line at your home. However, the process can be very difficult if you aren’t experienced with this type of installation. You should call your Baltimore plumbing professionals to do the job for you so you can be sure it’s done right the first time.

How do I remove the clean-out plug?
It’s very easy to remove the clean-out plug once you locate it. It’s typically located on one of the clean-out fittings. When you find it, simply turn it counter clockwise and pull it out.


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