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by | Mar 6, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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Air conditioners have become one the most ubiquitous appliances in modern homes. This may be due to the variety of air conditioning systems that are currently available or the simple convenience and comfort they provide. The available variety includes the common portable or window based A/C, a less common portable unit that can be moved around the room, the combined air conditioner and furnace unit defined as an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) or the Ductless air conditioner which provides unique zone control possibilities.

Each of these comfort systems have both pros and cons, but the best appliances for most homes are the HVAC when a furnace is required or a Ductless system if you prefer a separate cooling appliance. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of each you can visit Internet websites provided by companies like All American Heating and Cooling. Theirs is located at allamericanindyhvac.com.

Both of the larger A/C appliances, HVAC and Ductless, need routine maintenance and occasional AC repair in Greenwood IN to get the longest life from the product. Likewise, maintenance and repair services are the best way to ensure these appliances give their owners the most efficient operation possible. For example, cleaning the internals of the A/C like the evaporator coil and the blower fan ensures the air conditioner will move the most amount of cooled air through the building. Likewise, testing and charging the refrigerant is another great way to ensure your A/C is functioning at it’s peak efficiency.

The longer you use an air conditioner the more chance it has of failing and breaking down. In many cases these repairs involve mechanical components such as the compressor motor, blower motor, cooling fan or refrigerant condenser. Other items that may require AC repair Greenwood IN are the electrical circuits inside the air conditioner. These components are under excess strain whenever the air conditioner cycles off or on and constant use of the appliance can trigger early failure if the electronics are weak or cheaply made. Finally, the last portion of the HVAC or forced air unit is the ducts that carry the air through the home. This portion of the A/C usually requires little repair, however, the joints in the ducts can become separated when the home settles, when bumped or if the glue on the sealing fails.






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