DIY Tips On Geese Removal in Reynoldsburg

There are many animals considered pests that can intrude on the daily lives of property owners. Critters such as raccoons or skunks can tear up trash or damage property. However, what may be the biggest nuisance animal of all is the Candian goose. The best thing for Geese Removal in Reynoldsburg is never to let them take up residence on the property, to begin with. This can be easier said than done, though, so here are some relatively simple do-it-yourself tips and tricks to keep those rascals at bay.

Don’t Lay Out The Welcome Mat

Much like the in-laws or that cousin nobody likes to talk about, if you don’t feed the geese, they will eventually go away. In fact, it may do one well to put up signs informing others not to feed them either, as passersby may find them “cute” and decide to toss bread or other goodies at them.

Enemy Mine

It is a known fact that geese and swans do not get along in the wild. Using this knowledge, it is a good idea to place plastic swan decoys around the yard to keep geese at bay. Don’t worry; these do not have to be up all year round, only during the time of year they are migrating through the area.

Keep It Shaggy

One option that works very well but is admittedly not for everybody is to let the grass grow, at least a good 20 inches in length. Not the whole yard, just the area around ponds or ditches where geese tend to congregate. This cuts down on the convenience of the area in the eyes of the geese, and they more often than not find a new nesting area in the following years.

If It’s Too Loud…

Geese hate places that constantly change or that have loud unexpected noises. For almost instantaneous Geese Removal in Reynoldsburg, break out an air horn and start blasting it. This may not be a popular option with the neighbors, but the geese will take flight in time flat.

If there is a huge congregation of geese, then it may be best to call in the professionals. Contact our superior team for the best geese removal options in the market today.

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