Difference Between Electric and Solar Attic Fan in Great Falls

by | Nov 28, 2012 | Home Improvement


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Home cooling is provided through various ways, including fans, and ACs, but as fans are cheaper, hence they are widely used. Solar attic fans are also getting popular these days, which you can find easily in Great Falls. But, still many people prefer electric fans for various reasons. Before buying any, you should have some knowledge about both types, but budget also plays a big role in a purchase.

How they function?

As, an electric fan is not dependent on solar rays, hence there would be no hindrance when it’s operative. Whereas, a solar fan works due to sun rays being directed to its panel, and it would stop, or get slow down in the absence of sun rays. On the other hand, an electric fan is not ideal ecologically as much electricity is wasted. Especially, in countries where there is a great electricity shortage, solar fans would be the best alternate for home cooling in harsh months of June and July.

Installation methods

Installation cost is though more in an electric fan, as wiring is involved but, a solar attic fan can create some issues even though its installation cost is very low. A hole in the roof is required for the solar fan to access sun rays, and if it’s not sealed properly from the edges it may cause the wastage of cool air. Hence, only an expert worker should be hired for its installation, otherwise you would end up with more expenses, as moisture also accumulates in the room. People living in Great Falls also prefer solar attic fans in spite of the difficulties.


Electric fans are more effective than solar attic fans, because they are not solar driven; besides one solar fan is not enough for a large room, because many fans are required. Moreover, in cloudy days a solar fan won’t work, and it is not possible to keep the speed of such a fan constant. On the other hand, in areas where the sun is very sharp, the solar fans are an ideal choice. An electric fan is very noisy sometimes, whereas a solar fan does not create noise.

Cost comparison

This includes the purchase cost and operation cost, and it is obvious that an electric fan is cheaper than a solar fan, but the energy costs are more. Whereas, solar fans are expensive, but they save a lot of energy decreasing the operating cost. Those, who live in hot climates, should prefer a solar fan due to extensive use so that they don’t have to pay electricity charges. Solar attic fans are easily available in Great Falls, and are now more in trend. Those who are fed up of paying high bills may like to purchase a solar fan. But, as a matter of fact the budget and climate of your city determine a selection.

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