Designer Upholstery Fabric: More Than Just a Wall’s Pretty Face

Whenever you walk into a place of business, are the wallcoverings the first thing you notice? If not, you might be surprised to learn just how much thought companies big and small can put into their wallcovering. From the material to the color, and on to design patterns, the wallcovering a business chooses for itself says much about the company and how it perceives itself.

While it’s not always right to judge a book by its cover, if you pay attention when you walk into a business, it’s quite possible you can judge the company by the quality of their wallcovering. What’s more, if you’re an owner looking to spruce up your place of business, your choice of wallcoverings could make or break your next deal, or end up costing you more money in the future.

Materials Matter – Here’s Why

When it comes to a wallcovering, you can’t just choose to install a designer upholstery fabric because it looks pretty in the store. You have to consider how a wallcovering will look when exposed to sunlight and fluorescent lights, and also keep in mind the possibility that whatever color you choose will fade with time. If you keep in mind the amount of sunlight a certain room receives, you can choose the right wallcovering material for that room.

Wrinkles, Blemishes and Blisters…Oh My!

If you’ve ever had blisters on your foot or fingers, you know how they can be incredibly painful and unsightly. Wallcoverings have much the same problem: If there’s space between the actual wall material underneath and the wallcovering you place over it, you’ll be able to see slight bubbles forming as a result. If you’re still not following, think of your wallcovering as you would the protective screen on your smartphone. Those “air blisters” not only look bad, but can have a negative effect on the performance of your phone.

Sure, a wallcovering doesn’t have feelings or perceive pain, but as they stick out of the wall, those ugly air bubbles could be susceptible to damage. Given the way designer upholstery fabrics are installed, repairing such damage to wallcoverings could cause you to spend money you might otherwise have saved if you’d more carefully chosen your wallcovering. That’s why having your wallcoverings carefully installed by professionals is the way to go.

Up in Flames

Furthermore, even though most businesses are smoke-free these days – meaning it’s unlikely that lit cigarettes will be in close proximity to your wallcovering – freak accidents can still happen without warning. If there’s an electrical fire in your place of business, how well will your wallcovering hold up?

It might seem a bit depressing or clinical, but as much as aesthetics matter, safety should also always be of high importance to you and your business, even when it comes to your wallcoverings.

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