Considerations With A Marble Deck

Considerations With A Marble Deck

When it comes to a deck, marble is the hallmark of quality, durability, and beauty to truly make a statement. Marble deck designs are amazing in several ways including the fact they will last a lifetime and retain their natural beauty.

Decks made of marble are ideal for climates within the United States. They are resistant to cracking because of heat or cold and cycles of freezing and thawing as are common in most states. With various options in styles and colors of pavers, it is possible to match your decking with any décor or design to add to the style of your pool area.

The Quality

One of the top quality suppliers of all the materials needed to create your dream marble deck is Stone-Mart. They have one of the largest inventories of marble pavers, coping, and supplies available and on hand. They are also able to accommodate special orders.

Different marble blocks will have entirely original patterns within the marble, which is one of the unique characteristics of this natural stone. There are some types of top quality marble sold which almost have a three-dimensional quality. When looking directly into the marble there are crystal patterns evident which give depth and detail to the stone and add a look of Old World craftsmanship and quality.

Marble is a natural stone, and as such the colors and patterns possible are unique and can be used to enhance aesthetics of your deck area. From subtle shade variations with the stone to more pronounced patterns, you won’t have difficulty finding just the right marble pavers and coping for your deck.

The Finish

On a deck area or where water is naturally going to be a factor, choosing a brushed, chiseled or tumbled marble paver is the most recommended option. The brushed or tumbled surface is slightly rougher in texture and not as smooth or shiny as the polished surface, but the colors and the pattern are just as evident.

This slightly textured paver provides a pleasant feel under the feet when walking on the marble deck. The rich colors and the classic look of marble will add to the value of your home and the year-round enjoyment of your outdoor living space.

For a look that is anything but ordinary in styles, colors, and patterns to match any pool lining and home, marble is an outstanding decking option and one we highly recommend.

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