Choosing The Right Epoxy Floor For Your Property

by | Nov 4, 2015 | Flooring


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Commercial and residential consumers could benefit greatly from an epoxy flooring installation. This substance consists of a resin that hardens and presents them with a long lasting product. It is weather resistant and won’t crack or break under excessive pressure. Floor covering professionals who offer an Epoxy Floor have several styles and types from which to choose.

What is a Self-Dispersing Epoxy Floor?

These flooring opportunities disperse weight. They are best suited for properties in which excessive traffic is likely. Mechanics may choose this option for their garages since disperses the weight of automobile evenly throughout the flooring. They could also add quartz sand to this design to make it more slip resistant.

What is a Self-Leveling Epoxy Floor?

These products don’t require extensive installations. They are installed based on the number of plies required. They don’t require the installation team to take extra measures to ensure that it is level throughout the property. It achieves this task on its own after the last ply is installed. Residential homeowners may use these flooring opportunities for their dining room or kitchen designs as they are durable and don’t require extensive maintenance.

Reviewing Graveled Epoxy Floors

Graveled epoxy flooring options include a more ornamental design. Since they are strong and durable, they are a brilliant opportunity for showrooms. Car dealerships could utilize these options to enhance the appearance of their products. They can also drive automobiles out of their showrooms on these floors without the potential of an accident.

Anti-static Epoxy Flooring

Anti-static epoxy flooring prevents static and electrical currents from flowing through them. This makes this product beneficial for industrial buildings. With these features, it could prevent extensive property damage and personal injury for the owner and the workers.

Commercial and residential property owners could benefit greatly by reviewing epoxy flooring products. These products present them with a variety of benefits that are both decorative and promote a safe working environment. Select epoxy flooring could transform an ordinary kitchen design into an impressive workstation. Consumers who wish to learn more about an Epoxy Floor should contact Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation and review samples today.

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