Choosing Hardwood Flooring in West Des Moines, IA

Hardwood flooring looks wonderful and can be a great investment, but it’s important to choose the right type for the room in consideration. Check out the various types of hardwood flooring in West Des Moines IA flooring stores have to offer to see which ones are suitable for the room and attractive when added to the decor already in place.

Engineered Wood Vs. Solid Hardwood

The first consideration is whether to purchase an engineered wood floor or a solid hardwood floor. Both types of wood give a similar look to the room, but engineered wood is made of multiple layers of wood and composite material with a hardwood layer on top. Engineered wood flooring can be used in basements and bathrooms, as it is more stable than hardwood, which may expand and contract and shouldn’t be used in areas that get wet. Hardwood flooring can be refinished more times, so it lasts longer.

Soft Vs. Hard Species

Areas that get a lot of traffic should have flooring consisting of one of the harder woods, such as Brazilian cherry, maple, hickory or oak. Floors that don’t get a lot of wear and tear may consist of softer woods, such as walnut. Using wood that is too soft for the amount of use a room gets means that the floor will wear out more quickly and need to be repaired or replaced.

Pre-Finished Vs. Unfinished Hardwood

Pre-finished flooring has already been sanded and had a finish and sealant applied before being installed, while unfinished flooring still needs to be sanded down and finished after it’s installed. Pre-finished flooring usually has a longer warranty and can be installed more quickly than unfinished flooring.

Other Considerations

Other things to consider are the widths of the boards, the type of finish, and the type of installation. Engineered wood is less expensive both to purchase and to install, followed by pre-finished hardwood. Homeowners may be able to save money on installation by choosing the engineered flooring that clicks into place rather than needing to be glued, stapled or nailed down because if they’re relatively handy, they may be able to install it themselves.

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