Bed Bug Removal Services in Maryland

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Pest Control


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Got bed bugs? I know what it’s like to face the dreaded question of whether to toss everything out or call a pest control company. My first instinct as the owner of a B&B used to be to sell my entire business and move to Hawaii. Knowing that was never going to happen, I had to get down to business and hire a professional that could get rid of the bed bugs for good. I finally bit down on my pride and called a local company in Maryland, Viking Pest Control. One of Viking’s areas of specialization is actually bed bug removal, so I felt safe placing the future of my business in their hands. It was one of the best decisions I made, because the bed bug removal service helped save me money in the long run. Instead of being wasteful and tossing out what I felt were the culprit mattresses, Viking Pest Control showed me that bed bugs do not just live in mattresses as I had once believed, but in old furniture too. Without Viking, I might have lost my business without having a penny to my name.

If you are in Maryland—whether a homeowner or renter, or a business owner like me—and suspect you have bed bugs, I strongly suggest that you read up on the problem. Bed bugs are a serious issue and if you don’t take care of it now, the problem will get worse. Bed bugs can cause health problems. Services for removing bed bugs like Viking Pest Control use specially trained dogs in their team to identify the hidden areas where your bed bugs might be breeding.

Take it from me—bed bugs do not need to take over your home or your business. The problem is not as overwhelming as you might think. Bed bug removal services help you prevent the problem from recurring, and also eliminates the bed bugs that already exist.

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