Beautify the Home while Providing Better Protection Using Quality Roofing in Indianapolis

by | Aug 26, 2015 | Roofing


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The primary purpose of any roof is to protect the building from the harsh realities of nature. This protective covering prevents rain from entering the building, and it holds the vagaries of winter at bay. Unfortunately, when the roof is damaged or failing due to old age or neglect, there is little that the property owner can do, but replace either the entire roof or fix the area that allows the entrance of moisture. Roofing in Indianapolis can be as simple as replacing a few asphalt shingles or hot patching the BUR (Built Up Roofing), but it is one of the most important repairs that a homeowner can have done. Part of the reason for this is the visual appearance that a decrepit roof can add to any building. A new roof can make the home look years younger.

A new roof can definitely make a building look fresh, but the wrong style of roofing can just make it appear awkward. For example, putting a Mediterranean tile roof over a ranch style building would look ridiculous. However, Flat Tile Roofing in Indianapolis would give the same home a unique appearance and allow the homeowner to enjoy the benefits of clay tile. Plus, there are a number of synthetic options for tile roofing such as fiber-cement, recycled plastics and even concrete.

The most common roofing solution for residential housing is the asphalt shingle. These are typically a three-tab sheet covered with a very thin layer of aggregate for traction. The best thing about asphalt tiles is their low cost versus other roofing solutions. The problem with this product is the limited warranty and service life. Asphalt shingles usually last between fifteen years (Low-end product) and twenty-five years (High-end variant).

An alternative to the budget grade shingle is composite roofing. This asphalt product is an amalgamation of two or more layers designed to offer exceptional quality and protection. Composite roofing is usually warranted for the life of the home. Plus, this product was designed to simulate some properties of slate roofing. To do this, the manufacturer cut the edges of each sheet to unique and specific angles to provide distinctive shadows. They also designed the each shingle for a more robust installation and product reliability. To see more roofing options, contact the experts at Amos Exteriors Inc.

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