Be Your Own Maid No More with Deep House Cleaning in Memphis

Be Your Own Maid No More with Deep House Cleaning in Memphis

Lovely weather year-round, down-home country music, and stunning, heritage colonial-style homes are the trademarks of Memphis. Millions are drawn to the area every year to visit tourist attractions such as Graceland, the former home of Elvis. Citizens who call this busy city home also enjoy taking advantage of all that there is to offer. Spending the day discovering new areas of the city, or taking in a museum, is what homeowners would rather be doing on beautiful days, not being stuck at home trying to keep up with all of the housecleaning that must be done. Any excuse to get away from the monotony of washing and scrubbing is the option anyone would choose if they could. It is possible to get way, if you hire someone to perform deep house cleaning in Memphis.

Is Deep House Cleaning in Memphis the Same as Hiring a Maid?

No, this is so much better! Maid services do a perfectly fine job, but for deep house cleaning in Memphis the cleaning is done in two distinctly different ways. Each type of cleaning utilizes thorough cleaning of rooms, and they both get “down and dirty” with detail cleaning.

The two different types of cleaning are used on a rotating basis. For example, on week one the kitchen and the bathroom may be detail-cleaned, while other areas of your home receive a thorough cleaning. At the next visit, the bathroom and kitchen can receive a thorough clean, while the other rooms get their turn at a detail cleaning.

What Goes on During Detail Cleaning?

When deep house cleaning in Memphis is used, the end result is that your home will be able to maintain a level of clean that is similar to when everything was brand-new. While the thorough cleaning gets rids of everything that you can see easily, detail cleaning goes above and beyond. The detail cleaning process is quite involved, but here is a short list of common tasks that will get completed in your home:

  • Baseboards cleaned by hand
  • Wiping down doorframes and doors
  • Cleaning windowsills and windows
  • Appliances shined after cleaning
  • Furniture vacuumed
  • Scrubbing done on bathroom grouting

Many people cannot find the time to do just the bare minimum that is required to keep the home clean, let alone begin to think about taking a toothbrush to nooks and crannies. You may notice that it needs attention but file it away for some time in the future. Bringing in someone to perform deep house cleaning in Memphis will get all of these cleaning chores done for you. Your home will look beautifully clean all the time, and you can let go of the stress and worry about getting these jobs done. Rest and relax in spotless rooms day after day, with little or no effort from you.

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