Basics of Using Design Plants in Interior Design

Basics of Using Design Plants in Interior Design

The interior of your home or office matters. It’s not just a place where you sleep or work. Spaces we inhabit reflect who we are, what appeals to us, what makes us feel comfortable and at home. If you want to improve your living space, you might want to incorporate plants into your home design. But don’t shop just yet for interior design plants in Philadelphia. First, read on for a few tips and tricks on how you can successfully pull this off:

Choose the right plants

Not all plants will look good indoors. If you’re partial to big plants, you’ll want to make sure they don’t overwhelm the design or room. Consult an interior designer to help you pick plants that will fit right into your home or office. They might have the perfect choice for you.

Accent your entryways

Plants in your main entryways help pull in positive, natural energy. However, you don’t want to crowd that spot. So go for upright plants or those without leaves that spread out and create an impression of a cluttered and cramped space.

Ease up on the lines

If you have rows of shelves or big sofas, you can make those furniture pieces less blocky by using cascading plants to ease up the hard lines. This way, you can create an inviting space that’s ideal for your office or home.

Add color and cheer

Plants can add that much needed bit of color in your cubicle or home library. It’s a great pick-me up for those days when meetings are long. There’s nothing like a plucky daffodil or cheerful sunflower to make you smile.

So improve your interior design with plants. Plants don’t just improve the quality of your indoor air, they also add an excellent decorative piece to your space. Shop for the right interior design plants in Philadelphia, says Plantscapes U.S.A., whether for your home or office.

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