An HVAC Contractor in Long Island NY Investigates and Resolves Weird Noises in the System

An HVAC Contractor in Long Island NY installs, maintains and repairs furnaces and central air conditioners. Repair work often has to be done because of an emergency situation in which the furnace has stopped working on a very cold day. This contractor also resolves problems with residential heating and cooling systems that are a bit more unusual than issues people usually think about.

For instance, odd noises that don’t seem to affect system performance should still be checked out. Sometimes these sounds indicate a serious problem that could cause an equipment breakdown. In other cases, fixing the cause can improve efficiency. Even if there is no current of impending performance issue, eliminating the noise will return the home to a peaceful heating and cooling system.

Duct Popping

The household residents might have noticed a weird popping sound in the ducts when the furnace turns on or stops after completing a cycle. This isn’t the normal ticking sound that might be heard as the metal ducts start cooling down a bit. Instead, the pipes are expanding and contracting more dramatically.

These particular sounds may indicate that some of the duct pipes are too small. An HVAC Contractor in Long Island NY can evaluate the situation and make any advisable modifications. Sometimes the problem is very simple, such as the homeowners having closed all the heat vents in an unused room. The duct going to that room continues trying to force heated air through the registers and gets very warm. Once the furnace shuts off, the pipe makes a popping noise as it contracts.


Squealing noises from the furnace have several possible causes. The blower belt may need adjustment or replacement, or the blower motor may be malfunctioning. Other moving components may need to be lubricated, which is somewhat likely if maintenance on the equipment has not been done for a few years.


Rattling sounds from either the furnace or the air conditioner compressor outside the home should be checked by a technician from a company such as Sky Blue Pools. Something is loose, and the vibration can eventually cause bigger problems. Visit us online today.

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