A licensed roofer, what does it mean?

by | Apr 19, 2013 | Roofing


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Licensed roofers in Park City are contractors who have gone through a process of certification and are allowed to install, repair and replace roofs on home and commercial buildings. To become a licensed roofer, the candidate must have worked alongside a skilled roofer to gain experience and knowledge, and he must pass a process of certification. In many areas, a licensed roofer must have insurance and be bonded before the license is granted and he can solicit business.

Roofers in Park City – use a host of different materials for roofing. They must know the processes for installing asphalt shingles, tiles, slate, cedar shakes, and metal and built up roofs using a gravel top surface. There are usually state and local building codes that dictate the way in which the various roofs will be installed, the roofer must be aware of the codes and work within them. There are parts of the country where roofers are granted the right to install solar panels on roofs. In some jurisdictions the roofer can do the electrical work, in other places the roofer must work hand-in-hand with an electrical contractor who is licensed in his trade.

There are large firms of roofers that offer a formal program for their apprentice roofers, other young trainees are given hands-on training at the side of an experienced master roofer, but they receive no formal training.

Most often, the state or local government have a set of rules that must be followed. The rules usually stipulate a minimum number of hours that the applicant for a license must have worked in the roofing business. The hours can either be as an apprentice or as an entry-level contractor. When the work hour stipulation has been met, the applicant will then need to attend classes that cover all aspects of the business; the local codes and regulation, installation methods, liability issues, building materials, etc. Once the lessons have been completed, a written test will be given and assessed. Those that have gained the skill and knowledge will be granted a license; in most cases the authorities charge a small fee.

Many jurisdictions require that Roofers Park City carry liability insurance, workers comp and be bonded. The bond provides protection for the contractor and any third parties should there be a lawsuit which stems from inferior workmanship or materials. The roofer pays a onetime fee for the bond, the bond issuer then agrees to compensate for any damages that the roofer has to pay out as a result of the suit. In some instances the bond cover is insufficient to cover the award; this is why the roofing contractor must also carry liability insurance to pay the excess claim.

Once all the documentation has been provided to the authorities the company is free to conduct business.

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