6 Reasons Your Home Needs Energy Efficient Windows Now

If you’re wondering whether you should go for new windows or not, here are 6 reasons why you must say ‘yes.’

Your windows need an upgrade

If your windows are over 10, even 20 years old, then these are already broken in many places. You probably have a lot of air leaks around your old windows too. Shop for new, energy-efficient window options out there and say goodbye to air leaks.

You have air leaks

Air leaks contribute to your sky-high energy consumption bills as well. Want to start saving on costs? Invest in energy-efficient window options.

Your windows don’t work

If you can’t fully open or close your windows, that’s a good enough reason to toss your old ones to the fire and simply shop for new ones. You’ll experience better comfort with fully operational windows in your home.

Your windows are broken

If your windows are shattered or broken, that could be an accident waiting to happen. In case of a storm, that window could be the first thing to go. Reduce the chances of any accidents happening. Don’t make do with duct tape. Buy new windows instead.

You want fast results

Ever wonder why it takes so long to get the room to warm up or cool down? You might have air leaks in your home, says the Department of Energy. If you trace those leaks back to your old windows, then that’s just another sign that it’s past time you shopped for new windows.

You want to keep intruders out

Broken windows are also a potential security hazard. It could encourage instead of deter burglars or robbers from taking an interest in your property. Keep your loved ones safe by ensuring you have new windows installed.

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