3 Important Considerations Before Attempting a TV Wall Mount Installation

When you purchase a flat screen television, mounting it to your wall is often a common choice. After all, it will save you room and raises the TV up to where it is easily visible throughout the entire room. However, before you attempt a TV wall mount installation (or have one professionally installed), make sure you think about these important considerations.

Can Your Wall Support It?

One of the biggest and most important consideration when choosing a wall mount, is whether or not your wall can support it once it is in place. While modern technology has created a drastic difference in the weight of televisions, it does have more weight than your average painting. Due to this, it is essential the mounting location has a stud and anchor screws. To help determine if the area you are considering will work, you can use a stud finder. However, if a stud is not located, it is best to choose another location.

Can You Access the Ports?

Another common mistake in do-it-yourself mounting attempts, is to position the TV where the ports are inaccessible. Just like people, no TV’s are exactly the same; and these ports are essential to adding new devices (like your console or blu-ray player), and no one wants to unmount their TV each and every time they need to access the television ports.

Do You Have a Spot for Your Devices?

Most people have several components hooked up to their TV. This can range from gaming consoles to DVRs, to cable boxes. Thankfully there is an easy fix to this, by utilizing a bookshelf, floating shelving unit, a table or other form of furniture below it. Not only will this help with a permanent place for your devices, but it will also help to conceal all of those pesky cords.

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