What You Need To Know About Raccoon removal In Westerville OH

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Pest Control


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Raccoons are nocturnal creatures that can become a serious problem for people. This is why some people choose to hire services for Raccoon removal in Westerville OH. Raccoons are known for getting into garbage. People with raccoon problems might find themselves cleaning up garbage night after night, but there are also times when people might not even notice they have raccoons using their garbage for food. In some cases, raccoon have hurt pets. In the past, there have been raccoon found that were infected with rabies.

So what can people try before they call for Raccoon removal in Westerville OH? The best thing to do is to make sure that garbage is secure. Buying trash cans that have latches on the lids can help to keep garbage secure. People who use dumpsters have to make sure to close the lids after every use. Some people actually use locks on the lids to stop unwanted dumping and pests. Pets shouldn’t be fed outside. Raccoons are very attracted to pet food. Also, bird feeders have been known to attract raccoons. Those who think they have raccoons in the area should check for signs like raccoon tracks, droppings, and any noises around their garbage cans.

Unfortunately, raccoons don’t just come around humans for their garbage. A property owner might also have to contact a Wildlife Control Company for Raccoon removal in Westerville OH because a family of raccoons has sought shelter inside of the person’s home. In order to prevent raccoons from getting inside a home, a property owner has to seal any location that a raccoon could use to gain entry. Chimneys have been used by raccoons to get inside homes, so it’s wise to put caps over them. Raccoon don’t need very large holes to gain access to a home. Keeping tree branches away from a home’s roof will help to deter raccoons.

Some people have had success using repellents to deal with raccoons, but there really isn’t anything like using a professional service to deal with a raccoon infestation. A raccoon that is looking to care for her young isn’t likely to leave when repellents are used. Removal companies can use non-lethal traps to get the job done. Find more info.

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