What to Look For In Garage Floor Coating Contractors in Springboro

Garage floors no longer have to be bland and boring slabs of gray cement. If homeowners want to transform their garage into something more exciting, they can turn to Garage Floor Coating Contractors in Springboro to transform it into their personalized showroom or workroom.

Make A Garage The Envy of the Neighborhood

With the use of high gloss polymer, any palette of colors and designs can be incorporated. Whether the customer wants a solid color, a chip finish, a metallic look, or something customized such as their favorite sports team logo or family name, it can be accomplished. These applications will last for years, and will not stain, peel, or delaminate. They are also very easy to clean.

Utilize Every Square Inch of a Garage

When searching for Garage Floor Coating Contractors in Springboro, customers may also want to inquire about totally transforming their garage and maximizing storage space. Some companies can install slat walls, which are ideal for garages that also get used as shops or workbenches. Slat walls are the perfect place to keep tools where they can easily be reached. Customers should also ask about overhead storage inside their garage. This can double, triple, or even quadruple the amount of free space in any garage. For those who are avid bike riders, they’ll find that storing their bicycles has never been easier with the many bike rack solutions to choose from.

A Kitchen Has Cabinets, Why Can’t a Garage?

Customers want to find a company with experience in cabinet design. This should include pre-designed cabinets, custom-made cabinets, and storage solutions. Custom-made cabinets can be ready within weeks and can include any color imaginable as well as any type of texture of wood. Customers can also choose from different materials, including melamine, vinyl, and powder coat.

Deal With a Full-Service Company

Besides getting their garage transformed, customers may want the interiors of their homes or businesses redone. Garage Floor Coating of SW Ohio has experience not only in garages, but with basements, sunrooms, warehouses, and many different commercial applications. They will also come out to any job site and provide a free estimate. Like us on Facebook.

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