Types Of Hardscape Landscaping In New Canaan, CT

by | Oct 16, 2017 | Landscaping


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In Connecticut, landscaping designs consist of two different types of designs which including softscaping and hardscaping. Essentially, what is referred to as softscaping is any plants or flowers that could be replaced. Hardscaping consists of the items included in the design that remain in place and won’t change over time. A local landscaping firm can provide Hardscape Landscaping in New Canaan CT for property owners.

Adding Rocks to the Design

Rocks are often added to the landscaping design to fill in negative space within the concept. The landscaping design chooses these rocks based on the size, shape, and color to add to the overall concept. These choices could include round stones that fit easily in between plants. The homeowner could also choose river rocks which are flat and smooth, and these rocks can cover more areas of the design without causing any conflict with other fixtures.

Walkways for Landscaping

Walkways are essential for large landscaping designs, and they can prevent common issues such as damage that could hinder the way the design looks. These paths could be constructed of stepping stones constructed of concrete or wooden bridges that lead through the design easily.

Installing Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are also beneficial for landscaping designs as they prevent flooding and soil erosion. The walls are installed around the edges of the property in areas in which landslides are more likely. The walls could protect the property itself along with the landscaping design.

Water Features for Relaxation

Water features such as fountains are installed to increase tranquil atmospheres. The fountains are often connected to the wiring system used for lighting the area where the landscaping is installed. This could present the property owner with a central switch that controls the lighting as well as their water features.

In Connecticut, landscaping designs present amazing opportunities for improving the home. They include a variety of plants and flowers that offer vibrant colors, and they could improve the overall air quality around the property. Homeowners who want to acquire Hardscape Landscaping in New Canaan CT can contact Giglio Landscape Services LLC and schedule a consultation right now.

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