Trust a Professional When you Need Rodent Control in Vancouver WA

by | Mar 20, 2013 | Pest Control


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If you live in the Vancouver WA area the chances are likely that come nightfall you have a rodent control issue. It can exist for some time before you even realize you have a problem with rodent control in Vancouver WA. Some of the first signs you may notice are some unfamiliar droppings in and about your yard or garage. A rodent problem can consist of rats, squirrels, opossum, voles, moles, mice, or raccoons. All of these different rodents commonly carry disease and flea infestations.

It’s crucial when you discover you need rodent control in Vancouver WA that you contact a professional extermination company to contain the epidemic and kill the current population. Cutting off the food supply is just the beginning of solving the issue. For instance with rats the rate at which rats reproduce is extremely rapid and they generally have up to a dozen offspring in each litter. This can cause a fast explosion in the nearby rat population very quickly. In a matter of six weeks two female rats can produce up to 25 offspring.

The largest concern about having issues that cause you to need rodent control in Vancouver WA is the amount of fleas and disease these vermin carry. Infected animals can frequently spread dangerous disease that can be lethal to family pets as well as humans. The feces are often enough to transmit these diseases to a family pet which will then carry that disease into your home exposing your family to these health risks. One such disease that these rodents can carry and continue to live with is the well known virus of rabies. Rabies is not only a fatal disease for any family pet should it become infected, but it can further endanger anyone living in your home. Rabies is a highly contagious and deadly disease, making it that much more important to hire a professional exterminator for rodent control in Vancouver WA. Regardless of the degree of infestation you can count upon our professionals to keep you, your family and your home safe from disease and bug infested rodents.

If you suspect you need help with rodent control in your Vancouver WA home call on the professional extermination team of Halt Pest Control. Halt Pest Control has been serving the Vancouver WA and its surrounding area for many years and we have affordable and safe solutions for rodent control.

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