Trendy Hardscape Designs to Enhance Your Property

Trendy Hardscape Designs to Enhance Your Property

The days of concrete or cement slabs that act as the base of a patio, porch, pool, or walkway on your property are becoming antiquated. Today’s hardscapes make use of natural elements like rocks, pavers,and paver bricks. Hardscape designs have come a long way since the olden days. Even though concrete and cement is outdated, some outdoor design elements from ancient times older eras are timeless and are still used in trendy hardscaping. The following will discuss three trending hardscapes used for modern homes.

Features Inspired by Nature

Some homeowners want the beauty of nature to enhance their outdoor areas. Instead of designing elaborate hardscapes, retaining walls that aren’t a necessity, and huge water features, minimalists choose to stick with nature. Some ideas that are nature-inspired include natural stone walkways, plants and greenery to accent walkways, and natural stone combined with plant life for creating patios, pool areas, and gardens. The addition of a natural wood pergola or wooden arch is also trending in today’s hardscapes.

Custom Living Spaces

People who like to be outside prefer to have an aesthetic space to help them enjoy their backyard. Seating areas are now more than just simple patios nowadays. Trendy outdoor seating areas include elements like fire pits or fireplaces, seating as part of their landscape or built into a retaining wall, benches, comfortable padded seating, or sunken seating areas. Every homeowner has the opportunity to have their outdoor living spaces custom designed and built to suit their needs and desires.

Outdoor kitchens

Hardscape designs for modern homes embrace the idea of outdoor kitchens. The components of the outdoor kitchen can include an outdoor stove and oven, refrigerator, cabinets, built-in grill, large brick oven, a bar area, sink, and other components that you will find in indoor kitchens. The dining area will be part of the outdoor kitchen so you can enjoy eating outdoors. Many homeowners find that outdoor kitchens are a great alternative in the hot months instead of heating up their home.

These are three functional and decorative trends in outdoor hardscapes. Professional landscapers who offer hardscaping as part of their services will help you through the process of planning, designing, and implementing your perfect outdoor area(s). Bednar Landscape Services Inc. is dedicated to helping you with whatever backyard hardscape design suits your fancy. This includes elements like retaining walls, patios, walkways, driveways, and other elements of hardscaping.

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