Top Myths About Spiders Revealed

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Pest Control


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If you are like many other people in the world, the sight of a spider has you running for shelter, then picking up the phone to contact Elk Grove pest control to spray your home, just in case you just witnessed the beginning of a spider invasion. While you do not want to let a ton of spiders live in your home or any for that matter, there are a few top myths about spiders that need to be dispelled. Read on below for a few of those top myths.

All Spiders Can Kill You and Are Dangerous

For centuries now, spiders have lived among people and never do they go out of their way to deliberately attack someone. If it’s not a Black Widow or a Brown Recluse, there is little chance that a spider bite will kill you. That is still not to say that you need to let these spiders live in your home. You need to call in reputable Elk Grove pest control if you suspect you have a spider infestation, especially if you have young children. It’s better to be safe than sorry as always.

Spiders Are Actually Insects

Not True. Spiders are not insects, though they can be pests. Spiders are actually arachnids, not insects, so many times insecticides will not work to banish them from your home. Your pest control professional can help you figure out the right course of action to get rid of spiders in your home if you see way too many for your comfort.

These are a couple of the myths about spiders that need to be dispelled. They aren’t going to become aggressive and kill you, however, you really don’t want to share your home with them either. For more information, contact the professionals at Apex Pest Control today.

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