Top 3 Concrete Floor Killers and Concrete Flooring

by | May 3, 2016 | Residential Remodeling


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With its reputation for durability, it’s no surprise concrete flooring remains a top pick for high-traffic areas. But no flooring material is invincible and concrete isn’t an exception. Your concrete floor can look great for years, but only if you understand, and prevent, the top threats to this type of flooring.


It may seem counterintuitive given concrete’s reputation for durability, but plain water is one of the most damaging materials to concrete floors. Water gets on the floor and sinks into the capillaries of the concrete. When temperatures drop, the water freezes and expands, causing slow damage and spalling , or chipping of concrete in sheet-like chunks. Wipe up water from your concrete floors quickly to minimize this risk.


Spills are another threat to concrete. Motor oil is a major offender in garages, though there are countless chemicals that can leave your concrete floor looking stained and spotty. Use mats to prevent spills from absorbing, and try a commercial concrete cleaner or degreaser to repair areas that are already stained. Consulting with a company specializing in polishing or epoxy coat in Modesto CA is another preventative measure.

Improper Finishing

A concrete floor is only as strong as the mix and finish of the concrete. A bad mix, improper finishing or incorrect use of an accelerator when the floor is being laid can all set the stage for concrete flooring that becomes prematurely pitted and worn. You can’t change how the concrete was set, but investing in a good epoxy coat in Modesto CA may help extend the floor’s life.

Highly versatile concrete flooring can be an excellent investment, but only if you know how to protect it. Take preventative steps to protect your floor or, if damage is already done, consider patching and working with a certified firm to get a durable epoxy coat in Modesto CA. It may keep your floor looking good for years to come.

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