Tips For Purchasing Hardwood Flooring In Naperville

If you’re like many, you’ve decided that your Naperville home needs an upgrade. While you can start small with painting and other options, you may decide that the floors should be changed to increase appeal and add financial value. Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice but can be tough to choose between all the available options. Understanding what to do and how to buy it can be helpful.


Where is the hardwood flooring going to be in your Naperville home? It’s important to understand that no all woods can be installed on all levels or over all subfloor materials. Solid wood that’s ¾-inch thick should be above ground level and installed on plywood subfloors.

Seek Professionals

It may be best to hire a professional to install the floor for you. Many flooring companies can help you determine which hardwood is best for your Naperville home. They may also provide installation of the new floors, depending on the enterprise. However, some options come with locking, meaning it uses a tongue-and-groove system that can be installed by almost anyone.


The next step is to figure out your budget and how much you can spend before going to the floor store. For example, you can expect to pay higher prices for exotic woods, such as Brazilian Cherry or Ash, though you can find more budget-friendly options if necessary. Likewise, you’ll need to know the square footage of your space, as these floors are priced by the square foot.

Request Samples

Most companies will offer samples of the items they sell, so you can take it home and see how it looks. While you may only get a small part of the material, you can see how it looks with other furniture and wall décor.

Hardwood flooring in Naperville is timeless and classic, providing an earthy tone to any room. Visit Best Buy Carpet and Granite now to learn more.

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