Tips for buying an Oriental rug

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Cleaning Tips and Tools


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To fully appreciate the beauty and artistry of a Persian rug in Manhattan, you should really know as much as possible about how the rugs are made.

How are Persian rugs made?

All Oriental rugs are hand woven on a device called a loom. The warp, which runs from top to bottom, is woven into the weft which runs from side to side. When the warps are tied together with wool or silk, the rug eventually begins to take shape. With thousands of tiny knots, even a reasonably small six foot by nine foot carpet can easily take the weaver six months to finish.

When you look at a Persian rug in Manhattan you will see that there is a direction to it, this can be seen when looking at the rug from opposite ends. From one direction the rug will look considerably lighter. This is from the rug being produced on a vertical loom, and each knot is pulled down as it is tightened.

Before you begin to look:

Before you begin to look, spend some time thinking about what it is you want. Think about the field, which is the main background of the rug, think about the colors and if the rug is to match your furnishings, take fabric samples with you.

Many oriental carpets have a diamond or circular motif in the middle of the field, this is called the medallion, decide if this is what you want or, depending on your furniture placement, a rug with an over-all design with no central medallion.

Keep shopping:

If there was ever a product with more colors and designs, it would be hard to imagine. When you begin your hunt, all you need is the size, there will be many designs that will fit the space. As you begin looking, your likes and dislikes will be apparent. Keep looking; check the various prices and eventually you will narrow the search.

Love the rug:

Do not buy a Persian rug in Manhattan until you honestly say, “I love this rug.” Make a complete and thorough examination, bear in mind that it is handmade and there will be minor inconsistencies. Pay particular attention to the colors, do they bend together in harmony, are the piles cut smooth and of consistent height?


When you buy, buy based on the rugs decorative appeal. The rug will last for many years so you will want to make a choice that you will regret a few years later. A new Persian rug in Manhattan vs. an antique will not necessarily gain in value. If it is an investment rug that you are looking for then any rug that is older than 70 years will fit that category. Antique carpets are always one-of-a-kind.

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