Tile Floors: Beautiful and Allergen-Free

by | Apr 11, 2012 | Flooring


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Dallas, Texas, maintains one of the most difficult climates in the nation for allergy sufferers. The combination of pollen, humidity and temperature create a perfect habitat for multiple allergens. Some people are so sensitive to allergens embedded in their carpets that they have to take all of the carpeting out of their homes to find any relief. All of the allergens in a room, such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen and mold spores, eventually fall to the floor, and if that floor is carpeted, they become trapped in the fibers of the carpet, where they can aggravate the sensitive sinuses of the allergy-ridden.

If, however, these allergens land on a hard, non-porous surface like tile, they cannot become trapped. Thus, when the tile is swept or mopped, the allergens are removed from the home. In fact, many doctors who treat allergy and asthma patients in the Dallas area recommend that all carpeting be removed from a home and replaced with tile floors.

Sometimes homeowners worry about having only tile floors, thinking that the floor will always be cold or that furniture will scrape against it. However, it is possible to use washable area rugs on a tile floor, especially beside beds, in bathrooms or kitchens, and in living areas where family members may not want to walk across cold tile. Area rugs should be washed weekly if this option is chosen.

When installing tile in a home, it is important to use adhesives that are non-allergenic and non-toxic. This will help lessen any symptoms that could be triggered from the fumes during and after installation. One the tile has been installed, it should also be cleaned and treated with organic compounds that will not irritate any allergy sufferer.


Replacing all of the carpet in a home may seem like a drastic measure, but for many allergy sufferers, the relief found once tile floors have been installed is more than worth the effort. Many people who live in Dallas and the surrounding communities understand how miserable allergy attacks can be. Anything that can be done to provide relief should be tried. In this case, an added benefit is that a new and beautiful tile floor can be installed in place of worn, musty, allergen-infested carpet.

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