Three Tips for Choosing Brand New Roofing in Champaign IL for a Home Sale

by | May 6, 2016 | Roofing


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One of the first and most obvious things any potential home buyer is going to see is the Roofing in Champaign IL? A bad roof sticks out horribly. It is the bad first impression that home sellers are trying to fight against. Why make one’s job harder? A new roof could set a nice tone right as a potential buyer pulls into the driveway. Below are three things to consider when renovating the roof.

Consider the Sale

Who is going to like this roof? Is it an eccentric choice that only a few will enjoy? Is it too vague and general for it to stand out? Potential buyers will want to see an amazing roof, but there is no objective determination for what “amazing” is. A good strategy is to choose a roof that is both unique but sensible. The decision can be made easier by looking at the neighbors.

Match the neighborhood

Is the neighborhood coated in clay roofs? Is the landscaping in the neighborhood especially amazing? While doing a remodel on a budget, homeowners need to help lean into the neighborhood. They can place their effort towards parts of the home that are also reflected with the neighbors. A roof is a great example because it is large and quickly visible. If the neighbors have metal roofs for whatever reason, it may not make sense to upgrade to a lofty and pricey clay roof. It does not fit the aesthetic and preference of the neighborhood. The remodeling should meet the theme of the area, and not clash with it.

Before and After Photographs

Take a photograph before the Roofing in Champaign IL and after. It will be a nice little piece to keep in a scrapbook and to document the home. But, it could also be a wonderful little tool to stress the improvements made to a home to a buyer. They can see what the renovation did. It will make it look a whole lot better.

Contact us for a new roof. It is an impressive way to increase the chance for a home sale. A new roof is relatively affordable. It sets the right tone as a buyer drives to the property. It could close the sale.

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