Things to Know About Recycling and Reusing Carpet Tearouts in Longmont, CO

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Flooring


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Homeowners need Carpet Tearouts in Longmont CO when they are getting new floor coverings of any sort. Usually, workers from the company that will install the new floors remove the existing carpeting. The old carpeting should be recycled instead of sending it to a landfill.

Relevant Problems

With today’s strong emphasis on recycling and environmentally friendly processes, most flooring companies do as much of this as possible as a matter of course. More problems arise when individuals tear out their own carpeting, as they tend to leave it on the curb for garbage pickup. Without recycling, billions of pounds of this material wind up landfills every single year. Because carpeting contains so much plastic, it does not degrade.

Some types of material are significantly more in demand than others. The plusher residential styles are wanted by recyclers more than flat commercial carpeting, for example. It can be difficult for recycling companies to find buyers for that material, so it’s more likely to wind up in trash heaps.

Recycling Nylon

Some carpeting can be reused to manufacture new carpet. Nylon, for instance, is a type of durable plastic and can be converted into new yarn. Recycled nylon can be used in automobile upholstery and even as part of the plastic components under a vehicle’s hood.

Recycling Other Materials

If the backing of the fabric is made of bitumen, that material can be included in the building of roads and the manufacture of roofing shingles. If there is calcium carbonate in the backing, that also can be reused for other purposes.

Reusing Carpeting

Sometimes, homeowners want to keep pieces of Carpet Tearouts in Longmont CO, especially if the fabric is still in reasonably good condition. Depending on the texture, they might want to make cat scratching posts with it or use it as floor mats in the basement or garage.

Concluding Thoughts

People who want to know more about what will happen to their old floor covering may ask about this when setting up arrangements with a company like Aesthetic Flooring. More information on this company’s products and services is available at You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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