The Best Roofer In Franklin Explains How To Locate And Prevent Roof Leaks

by | Dec 4, 2013 | Roofing


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Roofs that leak are crucial and challenging to fix. However, with some tips, you can predict with some degree of accuracy where the leaks could be emanating. By knowing where the leaks could be coming from, the best roofer in Franklin can take necessary actions to seal the leaks and prevent future damage.

Look for rook leaks around penetrations

Roof sealants and flashings near the penetrations, especially via the roof membrane are the most susceptible spots. A homeowner should inspect or hire a roof inspection technician to check the laps and all the sealants to ensure that they are intact. When checking for leaks at penetrations, make sure to use factory-assembled boots. Technicians should seal the boot and around the membrane, where leaks are more likely to occur.

The other thing that you should observe is roof drains. Penetrating roof drains are particularly problematic to handle. Gutters that do not encourage the free flow of debris and snow can be a source of leaks. Make sure to clean all the drains in the valleys and gutters of your roof to avoid unnecessary roof leaks. Make sure to install large drains that can handle excess rainwater and debris that fall on the rooftop.

Avoid penetrations from fixtures to stay in a house free of leaks. It is wise to use products that come with adjustable heights and not-so-hard feet that are designed to rest on the roof membrane. If it is necessary that drains and other fittings should be installed horizontally, make sure to secure your membrane by using supportive elements.

Check the perimeter

Often, leaks occur around the edges of the roof. This is mainly because of the connection between the membrane and the flashing. For a stress-free roof, ensure to install sheet metal laps that shed excess water and other materials down the drain. Additionally, sealants should be checked regularly to ensure that the flexible membranes are tightly fixed to the flashings.

Check expansion joints

Expansions near roof perimeters are also a major problem when it comes to causing roof leaks. Roof installers might want to select the best pre-manufactured roof accessories that suit the joints. However, these components must complement the existing roof membranes. With these easy tips from best roofer in Franklin, you will be able to see that your roof is installed properly and that you address the troublesome issue of roof leaks.

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