The Best Fruit Trees for Residential Landscaping Services in Prescott Valley, AZ

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Landscaping


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If you are living in Arizona, you might think that you cannot grow fruit trees. In most cases, you might be right. Most types of fruit trees require lots of water so that they can grow large fruits. However, there are some types of fruit trees that are fairly drought tolerant. In addition, if you have access to some kind of source of water, that could be a non-issue. You should talk with your residential landscaping services expert to see what kinds of fruit trees you can grow.

Drought-Tolerant Trees

There are several drought-tolerant trees that are great for residential landscaping services in Prescott Valley, AZ. The most commonly thought of trees are those that grow in drier parts of the Mediterranean area. For example, olive trees are very popular for residential landscaping services. Olives grow in drier regions of the Mediterranean, and they will also grow in Arizona with minimal effort.

For commercial landscaping, you might want bushes instead of trees. There are many drought tolerant bushes that you can get from a place like Concepts to Reality. Blueberry bushes are very commonly bred to resist periods of drought.

Rain Barrels and Irrigation

If you want to grow a more diverse group of fruit trees, you should ask your residential landscaping services expert about rain barrels and irrigation. Rain is not abundant in Arizona, but if you collect it in a specialized rain barrel, you can have hundreds of gallons of water available for those drought periods. An irrigation system will also allow you to grow anything you want in your yard. Obviously, Arizona has no shortage of the heat and sunshine that many plants need to grow well. If you provide the water, you can grow a great many different kinds of plants in your yard.

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