The Basics About Travertine Pavers

The Basics About Travertine Pavers

From the Ancient Greeks and Romans to the present day, pavers have been used in any number of ways to achieve strength and beauty. The combination has been unbeatable. While various materials have been used throughout history, one type has always remained popular. These are travertine pavers.

What Are Pavers?

Pavers resemble tiles. They are a flat piece of material that is thicker than a tile. This increases their ability to last longer and endure outdoor conditions. Pavers are usually reserved for outdoor applications and constructions. Among the most common usages are:

1. Decks for Swimming Pools

2. Patios for your Backyard, Front Yard and anywhere else outside

3. Walkways – to front doors and wandering through gardens and landscapes

4. For adding color, shape and design to landscaping in your front or back yards – including walkways. The application of such materials is referred to as hardscapes

5. Outdoor Kitchens

6. Retaining Walls

7. Any type of Outdoor Living Space

8. Driveways

These are common uses of pavers. Yet among the possible choices, one of the current and popular materials is travertine. Experts and professionals at building and construction material suppliers like the Travertine Warehouse, believe this is one of the most suitable materials for certain outdoor construction projects.

What Are Travertine Pavers?

Travertine is a natural stone. It can be made into tiles or pavers. Travertine pavers resemble their tile counterpart but are heavier and thicker. Pavers are generally over twice as thick as tiles. Travertine pavers are used, like most pavers, in the construction of hardscapes outdoors. One of the favorite ways to employ them is as pool decks. They truly define the character and style of you and your pool.

Why Many Prefer Travertine Pavers?

History has spoken when it comes to travertine paving. Professionals like those at Travertine Warehouse agree that travertine has, in more ways than one, withstood the test of time. It has proven itself time and time again to be:

1. Durable

2. Beautiful

3. Free from fading and other forms of color loss or discoloration resulting from a white powder build-up

4. Easy to Repair and/or replace

5. Can co-ordinate with matching pool coping if required

6. Keep cool even under a blazing sun. This is perfect for your feet when it is a deck and for your plantings if travertine pavers create a path that winds through them

Purchasing Travertine Pavers

If you have a special outdoor project, forget the concrete or the brick. Consider what the appearance and texture of travertine pavers will add. Travertine pavers are perfect for any number of outdoor projects and designs. Talk to your suppliers at such companies as Travertine Warehouse to see if travertine pavers are up to and suitable for what you have in mind.

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