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by | Apr 21, 2014 | Roofing


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Many consumers think roof contractors in Edmond that only deal with roof replacements. While that is one of the main services offered, roof contractors offer a much wider range of support to people who have some question about the integrity of their roofs. Here are a few examples. Roof Inspections one of the more common services offered by contractors is roof inspections. These inspections can take place for a number of reasons.

Homeowners may want inspections after a particularly bad weather. Assuming that weather involved high winds or possibly some hail, they want to make sure their roofs were not damaged. A contractor can manage a simple inspection and make sure everything from the shingles to the flashing is still in great shape. People who are thinking of buying a home often seek out this same service. Before they make a commitment, it makes sense to have a professional inspect the roof and get an idea of how much longer it will last. If the findings indicate the present roof will need replacing in the next few years, the prospective buyer may be able to use that fact to negotiate a lower price.

Minor Repairs in the event that there is some minor damage to the roof, the contractor can determine what must be done to restore the roof properly. This may include replacing broken shingles, taking care of flashing that is loose, or even applying some sort of sealant to areas around a chimney. Since roof contractors in Edmond understand how to go about all these tasks, it won’t take long to work up a quote, obtain the permission of the homeowner, and get the job done in a timely manner.

Replacing the entire roof when the current roof cannot be repaired, the contractor can tell the homeowner exactly what is needed to make the right type of replacement. This includes determining if there is one or more old roofs that need to be removed before the new one is put in place. The contractor can also make suggestions for different types of roofing materials, based on the design of the home and the amount of money the homeowner can afford to spend. Once the choices are made, the contractor will ensure that only certified professionals take care of each task associated with the project.

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