Seasonal Pruning Is Part of Regular Tree Maintenance in Fishers, IN

If you want to enhance the health of your trees or shrubs and reduce any problems with liability, you need to have your trees or bushes regularly pruned and checked. By working with a lawn care company that offers a wide array of services, you can ensure the health and looks of your plants.

Why You Need to Have Your Trees and Shrubs Regularly Pruned

That is why seasonal pruning is part of regular tree maintenance in Fishers, IN. You simply cannot bypass this activity. Professional arborists know how to trim a tree so it develops correctly and maintains a type of uniformity.

Winter Pruning

Both winter and summer pruning are important when it comes to tree maintenance and care. During the winter, pruning a tree leads to a burst of growth in the spring. Usually, landscape professionals wait until after the coldest part of the year. Some trees, such as walnuts or maples, may exhibit some bleeding when the sap is circulating in the tree. However, this process is normal and will stop once the tree begins to display its leaves.

Summer Pruning

Summer pruning is done by tree maintenance professionals to slow the growth of branches that are unwanted. Pruning during this time of year rids the tree of hanging and dangerous limbs as well as defective branches.

Pruning That Encourages Flowering

This type of trimming is also done to encourage flowering. Pruning is done in the spring when the flowers begin to fade and in the winter or early spring to encourage mid to late summer blooming. The only time that pruning is not advised is in the fall. Because wounds from cuts heal slower during this time of year, it is better to concentrate on an activity such as removing leaves.

Who to Contact for Pruning Services

If you wish to find out more about tree and lawn services, visit BAM Outdoor in person or online. See for yourself how seasonal pruning can enhance the looks of your trees and shrubbery.

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