Reasons to Hire Professional Services of Chimney Repair in New Britain Ct

by | Jul 30, 2015 | Roofing


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Having an adequate chimney for a fireplace plays a critical role in the success of a good burning fire. A chimney not only helps to carry the undesirable products of combustion out of a house but also provides the draft that feeds air to keep the fire burning. To keep a chimney functioning efficiently, it is important to ensure that it is inspected, maintained or repaired by a qualified chimney technician. Most of chimney maintenance practices can be done without hiring the services of a professional. However, if the chimney is damaged, it is highly advisable to hire professional services of Chimney Repair in New Britain Ct. The following are some of the key reasons to hire professional chimney repair services.

Blockage of the Chimney Flue

One of the common chimney problems experienced by many homeowners is a blockage of the chimney flue. This is mostly caused by debris falling into the chimney from above or animals building nests in the chimney. Blockage of the chimney flue can cause hazardous and noxious gases, such as carbon monoxide to fill the house. Professional chimney repair technicians have the right skills, tools and equipment to unblock chimneys flues properly and promptly.

Buildup of Creosote

Creosote is a type of oil that is emitted when wood and other fuels are burned. Overtime, creosote can solidify and accumulate in the chimney. If left unattended, creosote can easily ignite and cause serious chimney fires. To avoid such an occurrence, it is advisable to hire professional chimney sweeping services.

Holes or Cracks in the Chimney or Chimney Flue

The presence of holes or cracks in the chimney or chimney flue can cause gases to leak into the home or walls. This can result in the danger of smoke inhalation or house fire. Experienced chimney repair professionals from V. Nanfito Roofing & Siding Inc. can seal cracks and holes in the chimney correctly.

These are just some of the reasons to hire professional services of Chimney Repair in New Britain Ct. To get the best chimney repair services, consider factor such as licenses, certifications, insurance, location and experience before choosing your chimney technician. For more information about the services provided by experienced chimney specialists, visit

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