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Professional roofing contractors in Bolingbrook, IL are equipped to handle everything from the installation of a new roof, to renovations, and roof repairs. There are many different materials that can be used for roofing, and a good roofer would have knowledge of all these, be it metal, rubber, polymer or tile. A roofer should be able to advise what material would be most effective depending on whether the structure is a domestic home or an industrial building. In some commercial buildings, rubber roofs are preferred and this will require specific skills from the roofing contractor. The roof will need to be covered with a coat of melted tar before carefully measured and cut sheets of rubber can be methodically installed. Care has to be taken to properly seal around any sky-lights or ventilation piping.

If you live in Bolingbrook, Illinois, it would be important for a roofing contractor to take into consideration the fact that a roof would be expected to stand up to extremes of temperature. When looking at roof design, houses are often advised to install high-pitched roofs as these are more effective in areas where there are heavy falls of snow. A good roofer should also have carpentry skills in order to replace the trusses of a roof when these are damaged by weather and have begun to rot.

Estimating the cost of a new roof or repairs

Whether it’s a new roof that is required or maintenance to an existing roof, obtaining an accurate estimate is essential. Only a professional roofer would be able to formulate a realistic estimate. This is as important with a new roof as it is for roof repairs. A roofer who is called in for an inspection should check all parts of the roof membrane, the flashing, gutters and eaves and the entire surface of the roof. The roofer should then be able to provide a comprehensive list of what requires maintenance, along with pictures of the problem areas for verification. Finally, a good roofer will provide you with a comprehensive roof plan, drawn to scale. This plan would show all the equipment on the roof as well as the locations of any leaks and would highlight where any repairs have been or still need to be made.

When to call in roofing contractors in Bolingbrook, Illinois

It is often recommended that a roof be inspected at least twice a year to maintain the warranty and extend the lifespan of the roof. In areas where there is heavy snow or rain, these inspections will usually include a moisture survey. Ideal times to schedule an inspection would be just before winter and just after it, as severe weather has a very detrimental impact on a roof. Summer is also hard on a roof because it’s a time of high UV ray exposure, often followed by summer rains that drop the temperature of the roof dramatically. Expansion and contraction of the roof’s membrane result, heightening the chances of a crack or tear forming. Of course, having a roof inspection is good, but carrying out the repairs immediately and providing a budget for future maintenance is even better.

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