Keep Roofing Repairs In Bellevue, WA To A Minimum: Have Your Roof Inspected Today

by | Nov 26, 2014 | Roofing


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Keeping the roof over your head in good condition is part of home maintenance that keeps emergency calls at bay. If it has been a number of years since you had someone look at your roof, now is the time for an evaluation. Call the roofing specialists at Northwestern Roof Service Inc. to schedule an appointment with them today. Terrible storms, with gusting winds and damaging hail, happen and can cause damage. However, a loose or missing shingle can be replaced or repaired before the elements seep into your home, causing preventable damage. As a homeowner, keeping major home repairs to a minimum with regular inspections is like blowing out the match before the forest is on fire.

Water has a way of traveling through the tiniest openings. It is always seeking a place to go, and when it finds it, it creates a path for more water to follow. You may be unaware that high winds during the last storm peeled back a shingle, leaving the wood below exposed. Water crept under the exposed shingle, found the seam between the roof sheathing, and trickled into your attic space. Slowly, your insulation becomes saturated, and mold begins to grow. Over time, the wood in your attic can rot, and what could have been a repair under $100, now costs you thousands. Do not assume everything is fine; hire a licensed professional that specializes in Roofing Bellevue, Washington. Visit website for more details.

Your roof covers your home and family. It protects the integrity of your house, keeping you and your family members safe during inclement weather. If you cannot remember when you had your roof replaced, chances are it is due. Roofing materials have changed in the recent past. There is a wider range of materials, and colors, and many new products last over 25 years. Go to and schedule an estimate for Roofing Bellevue. They will inspect your roof and sit down with you to discuss your roof’s condition. It may be that you do not need to do anything at the moment, or they may tell you there are minor repairs that should be taken care of soon. From minor repairs to complete roof replacements, you can count on the professional team at Northwestern Roof Service Inc.

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