Hiring a Professional Carpet Odor Remover in Corona CA to Eliminate Bothersome Pet Odors

by | Feb 2, 2018 | Carpet Cleaning


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A professional Carpet Odor Remover in Corona CA becomes necessary for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the situation is stubborn enough that sprinkling and vacuuming over-the-counter odor removers don’t come close to getting the job done. The idea of renting a carpet cleaner to shampoo the room or entire home seems like a big, unwanted chore.

Pet Urine

Technicians who provide service with a Carpet Odor Remover in Corona CA can tackle and resolve frustrating stains as well as unwanted smells. Eliminating the residue from pet urine is a frequent task these technicians are asked to do. These problems often can be resolved by household residents if found and addressed quickly, but often, that’s not what happens. A dog or cat does something untoward on the carpeting while the owner is away all day, leaving a big circular spot and an unpleasant aroma behind.

Thorough Cleaning

This dog or cat may not seem like the owner’s best friend after an incident like this one, but technicians from a company such as V’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Inc. can help repair that relationship. Thorough cleaning with an extraction process removes the urine. If the area was saturated by an animal doing its business several times or by a very large dog with a very large bladder, the carpet will need to be lifted to determine whether the underlying pad should be replaced.

Pet Abandonment Anxiety

Pets who have been abandoned before may act out by marking territory when they are afraid. They may experience significant anxiety when everybody leaves for the day. Crating a dog or cat when everyone is out may seem inhumane to someone who is unfamiliar with the practice, but veterinarians and other animal behavior experts recommend it for anxious pets who become destructive when left alone.

Other Pet-Related Odors

Other odors related to pets can be managed effectively as well. Someone who is interested in buying or renting a house may discover that the previous residents had hounds they never washed. Especially if those dogs spent a lot of time outside or in an outdoor kennel, they probably left noticeable odors around the home. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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