Hiring A Bee Exterminator in Jackson NJ To Remove Honey Bees From A Yard

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Pest Control


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When there is a honey bee hive discovered on a residential property, it is likely the homeowner will want to take the needed steps in removing it from the premises. Since bees are known to sting, and since they can become nuisances to those in an outdoor area, removing a hive as soon as it is noticed is best. Most people will call a professional Bee Exterminator in Jackson NJ to handle the job in hive removal. However, if a homeowner wishes to try the process on their own, they can follow these tips.

Take Care Of The Task In The Wee Morning Hours

It is best to try to spray a bee hive with a bee-killing agent at a time when the inhabitants are not flying around. Honey bees will return to their hive when it gets dark, making the hours before the sun rises the best time to try to eradicate the inhabitants as they will not be active. Waiting until daylight begins can lead to agitated bees that will try to sting those in the area if they are upset by the spraying process.

Make Sure To Avoid Bright Colors Near The Hive

Bright colors will excite honey bees. Because of this, it is best that those who intend on walking through the yard where the hive is located wear white clothing if possible. Beekeepers wear white when they tend to bees as this will not aggravate the insects they are handling. Since flowers are usually bright in color, bees will associate flamboyant hues with the collecting of pollen they do, making them overly excited if they view these shades.

Find A Place To Take Cover Between Spraying Sessions

Most bee-killing agents will shoot a spray from several feet away. It is important to use the spray in a location where there is an object to shield the person using the agent if possible. The person should be prepared with netting over their head and face to protect themselves should bees become upset upon contact with the agent.

When there is a need to hire a Bee Exterminator in Jackson NJ, one with fair pricing and fast action is desired. Find more Information online and call for an appointment.

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