Exterminatiors in Jupiter: Why Mice are a Danger

Exterminatiors in Jupiter: Why Mice are a Danger

Winter is a time to hunker down, stay inside as much as possible, and try to keep your family from getting sick. People worry about the cold, the flu, and every other form of illness that is associated with winter. What most people don’t worry about is the dangers that come with having mice invade your home during the winter months. When seeing rat droppings and searching for Exterminators Jupiter residents should realize that rodents are a real threat when they invade your home. Read on for some of the reasons that these mice do not make cute little pets.

Believe it or not, statistics show that over 21 million American homes are infested with rodents in the winter months. They can be hard to catch, but that is not the only danger that comes with having mice in your home. The big concern is that these small pests can spread diseases and destroy property once they are inside.


White footed deer mice are the main carriers of this disease, which can be transmitted to humans. Humans are exposed to the virus by inhaling the urine or saliva of the infected rodent. More than 10 people got sick, and three died, when exposed to the virus as they were camping in cabins at one of the national parks, a couple of years ago. When searching for Exterminators Jupiter residents should let the experts try to catch the rodents, don’t do anything yourself.

Bubonic Plague

If you went to school, then this is a rat transmitted disease that you should already know about. The disease wiped out one third of the population of Europe centuries ago. It is usually spread by the bite of an infected rodent, which is why it is so important to not try to catch the rodents yourself.

Rodents can also cause everything from property damage to fires in your home, when they chew through the wiring. Mice are not the cute creatures that you see in Christmas movies, playing under the Christmas tree. If you think that you have a mouse infestation, you will want to contact the experts at Bates Exterminating today.