Emergency Plumbing and Sewer Services in Suffolk County

by | Apr 11, 2015 | General


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As a homeowner, there are a number of things that can constitute emergency repairs.  After a bad snow or wind storm, we expect to clear branches and debris. If need be, you may use a chain saw to cut down a tree. For those of us who live near a river or creek, we may have to sandbag to prevent our homes and basements from becoming flooded in the spring.  Electrical problems can happen and require an electrician to be summoned.  But, by far, the most inconvenient and disgusting emergency is within the realm of household plumbing and sewage problems.

Calling for Professional Help

Here on Long Island, Sewer Services in Suffolk County are frequently called out to problems. From a leaking pipe to over filled septic tanks and cesspools, these issues can ruin a home owner’s day. Often these problems must be dealt with quickly before worse damage occurs to a home due to raw sewage or water damage.  Besides the discomfort, smell, and mess, sewage and plumbing problems can carry diseases into the home.  Often a home owner does not have the proper equipment to fix these problems.  It is prudent to have any issues dealt with as soon as possible by a plumber and/or professional sewer services.

Sewage and Water Pipe Problems

Sewage problems can be quite serious. These issues can range from backed up sewage to broken pipes. But most often the sewage pipe is clogged. This issue is usually discovered when flushing the toilet does not work, even after plunging.  Frequently, this can be repaired with a long pipe snake, or better yet, jet cleaning by shooting a powerful water jet at around 3000 psi to clear anything obstructing the free flow of sewage. Many times after having your pipes water jet blasted by sewer services, they look almost brand new.

If your sewage line is cracked or broken, the task may be more complicated.  This does not mean impossible, but it will require much more effort in repair. Usually the sewage line has to be completely excavated by professional sewer services, and either your entire line or portions of it will have to be replaced.  Tree roots are often one of the biggest factors leading to the need for this level of repair.

Other plumbing problems, with maybe the exception of a broken water line or water pipe, are usually not as severe as the emergency of a sewage problem.  Water damage from plumbing emergencies costs American home owners millions of dollars every single year. It is wise to get any problems fixed immediately before they worsen.

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