Common Termite Species In Orange County

Common Termite Species In Orange County

Having been in existence since the period of time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, termites are hardy insects that can survive in almost any climatic condition. These creatures literally eat constantly, feasting on trees, homes, furniture and all things constructed of wood. It has been determined that termites cause up to $5 billion in damage each year.

Dampwood termites, as the name indicates, gravitate toward wood containing a great deal of moisture. Though this species of termites in Orange County tends to stay away from most buildings, it can be found in homes with faulty plumbing or basements that are prone to flooding. Avoiding a dampwood termite infestation may be as simple as ensuring plumbing is well maintained, removing any decaying tree stumps and storing uncovered firewood in an area away from the home.

Drywood termites, on the other hand, need no moisture and are happy to feed on timbers, plastic, paper and any plant based materials. Living in colonies of up to 2,500 insects, the drywood termites in Orange County are the invaders most often found tunneling into homes and other structures. They can maneuver around siding and find their way inside a building, destroying support beams, cabinets and even furniture.

The most destructive of all species is the subterranean termite, which builds colonies of up to 2 million. They need contact with soil in order to thrive; however, they dig tunnels into any structure that can be considered a food supply. They can eat through support beams, plastic pipe and insulation, ravaging a building’s support structure and plumbing system.

Southern California exterminators can help avoid a termite infestation. They can inspect a home or other building and offer advice on improvements that will make a structure less appealing to termites. They may suggest plumbing repairs or drainage system installations to eliminate excess moisture. Exterminators may offer soil treatments and protective barriers before construction begins in order to repel termites and other insects.

If an infestation has already taken place, exterminators can treat the area with pesticides to effectively eradicate the insects and prevent any further damage. Many offer green pest control treatment options that are safe for people, pets and the environment.